Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Energizer Michelle

If you haven’t met energizer Michelle from our MIS Dental Implant Training Center, then it’s time. Michelle Cabral is a young mother and a professional who has changed the future of DITC. She was born and raised in Passaic, NJ and is a formal medical student from Dover Business College. Michelle also completed her internship in clinical rotation at Bon Secours Community Hospital Port Jervis, NY and Westchester Medical Center Valhalla, NY. 

Michelle accommodates and manages a worldwide group of professionals from Russia as well as eight different states in the US.  Most attendees have been very satisfied with the DITC courses.“I found everything to be very sufficient” says one of the attendees. “Awesome instructors and helpful staff.” “Loved it, I will be back.”  

If you hear quick foot steps running down the MIS hallway, you bet it's Michelle Cabral. She is known for multitasking. Michelle is talking on the phone with doctors and reps, creating DITC post cards to increase brand awareness, and arranging the DITC room for upcoming events. She can do it all. Energizer Michelle!

After one year working at MIS Implants and DITC, Michelle has demonstrated 100% dedication, expertise and knowledge to improve DITC’s business development. Guess what?  She has done an excellent job. Michelle saw a new opportunity for DITC and had a plan. A plan to convert DITC into one of the most successful dental implant training centers in New Jersey. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why Take a Course at DITC?

DITC gives 110% attention to our professionals who join the courses

Read the story: 

“I want to thank DITC for being so nice to my staff.  I signed up my hygienist and assistant for a class last week on Sept 17th.  They told me that they were the only (2) people there and DITC had the class for just the 2 of them.  Thank you very much for not cancelling the class and for taking such good care of them.  I myself took a 2 day class at DITC back in March and was impressed and happy with your entire set-up.  I thought the class had a very good speaker, was well organized and worth the money.  So, thanks again, hope to be back soon for another implant course.” 

Intimate classroom size.

If you are looking to increase your dental implant knowledge in a unique and convenient location, DITC offers an intimate setting encouraging a through learning experience. The class size is limited to 25 attendees. Professionals have the ability to interact in small groups which allows for more questions and answers. 

"Practical and very informative," says one of our doctors. 

Michelle Cabral, DITC Coordinator, along with our experienced MIS Representatives have filled rapidly our classrooms. Course attendees work individually in training stations including all the latest implantology equipment needed and guided by professional instructors. Learn your implant placement technique from the experts.  

This is what some attendees had to say: 

“The lecture and lecturers were very informational.”  “The most comprehensive course for implants.” “Awesome instructors and helpful staff.” “Loved it, I will be back.”